Our yard space enables us to have a vast range of mulches, ground covers and compost to choose from, If you visit our yard in Southern Adelaide you will be able to experience first hand the many different types and decide which one not only enhance the look of your garden but also help with moisture retention and weed retention.

40mm Graded Pine Bark
Still as popular as ever is traditional Pine Bark. Great dark natural brown colour graded for consistency in size.
25mm Graded Pine Bark
25mm bark has been graded for constancy of size and packs down very nicely in garden beds, not as coarse as the 40mm, works well in smaller yards and garden beds.
Playground Chip
Also known as softfall, specially graded for use in schools, Kindergartens and Playgrounds. Also works well as a general purpose ground cover around the home.
Orchid Bark
Also Known as Water saver Mulch, 20mm graded pine bark aged for great mulching properties and colour retention. One of our best sellers.
Light and Dark
A blend of colours, a mixture of ungraded pine chip and graded 10mm pine bark. Another great looking, cost effective ground cover suitable for many applications.
Peats Ultimate Red
Vegetable dyed pine flake. Known for excellent colour retention over time these ground covers can make a good garden look great.
Peats Ultimate Black
Vegetable dyed pine flake. Known for excellent colour retention over time these ground covers can make a good garden look great.
Cottage Mulch
Pulverized pine chip blended with Peats cultured compost processed through 10mm screen. Improves soil structure. Adds natural trace elements. Improves moisture retention. Reduces weed growth. Promotes healthy plant growth.
Eco Mulch
A course second cut leaf mulch also known as commercial mulch passed through a 25mm screen to create an effective ground cover that looks great and also assists with moisture retention and reduces weed growth. Ideal for use on native gardens, large areas or commercial applications.
Ground Cover Mulch
Ground cover mulch is a stick mulch blended with peats fine organic compost, it is more coarse than our ever so popular cottage mulch and is great for native gardens and also is nice and dark for more modern applications.
Organic Compost
Peats cultured organic compost is a fine compost refined and ready to mix into you existing gardens to add valuable nutrients to the ground, found blended through other Peats products it has many uses both on top and underneath the ground
Mushroom Compost
Sourced from the local mushroom Farm Mushroom compost is still a huge favorite for some as mulch or soil improver for the garden, the manure mixed with straw and stable bedding create a rich earthy product which is great for keeping moisture in the ground and preventing weed growth, it can also be dug through existing soil as a soil improver.
Pea Straw
We sell full sized bales of pea straw, with always plenty on hand it is still considered one of the best mulches money can buy adding valuable nitrogen to the ground as it breaks down, we can deliver large amounts for civil work and silt management.