Autumn is Garden Time.

As the weather hopefully cools with the seasons, it is now the perfect time to revive your garden, or start a new garden in Adelaide.

Autumn is the right time to start a new vege garden for so many vegetables, so you can be a bit more self sufficient with your greens.  Also, regular gardening is very therapeutic and rewarding.  All this things add up to an exciting time ahead.

Firstly, do your research, a great garden always starts with a great plan.  Then, get your existing garden up to scratch by trimming, removing weeds, clearing leaves from the ground and breaking the surface of your existing mulch beds.

Organic compost over this is very beneficial but you need to match your garden to the right mulch.  Wood N Logs can help you choose the right one.  If you are considering building a new garden, or vege garden, come and have a chat to our knowledgeable team and get their opinion on what timber, stones, pavers, wood and iron.

Also Autumn is just right to feed your lawn after a long hot summer.  Using a slow release fertilizer with help you build a stronger and robust root system in your grass to prepare it for next years heat, plus granting a healthy growth of grass during the cooler months.

Some avid gardeners regularly top dress their lawns in Autumn, to fill in wash outs, promote root growth in dead grass areas and build up a nice level pitch for garden cricket and sports.  Try our sandy loam as the perfect top dress for many grass types.

Autumn really is Garden Time in Adelaide.  See you in our yard soon…