Summer is decking season!

When the sun comes out, not only is it is a great time to consider designing and building a new timber pergola, carport or deck, but it’s also the perfect time give your existing decking the love it deserves.
Here at Wood’N’Logs, we stock and recommend the Haymes Woodcare range for treatment and care of all timber decking areas. Their ‘Dexpress’ range of oil is brilliant, providing an excellent finish that helps enhance and protect the timber from the harsh Aussie climate.
If your deck is looking a bit faded, we have a product to help. With a large assortment of cleaners and products in stock, your timber deck will be looking a whole lot better in no time.
For more information on any of the products we stock, plus great advice on all your timber decking and outdoor needs, drop us a line or pop in and see us at Seaford Meadows.